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Author:  Arieva [ Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Probation

Reasons for probation:

1) Not at level/aa cap
2) Not meeting minimum expectations in gear or class performance
3) At officers discretion, probation could also be used for other reasons for example disruptive behavior during raid. Attitude adjustment needed, that sort of thing.

So know y'all are looking at this and wondering what it will mean. Let me start this section by saying that although some of the probation penalties may look harsh at first remember that we are a raiding guild and we want to make sure loot will end up in the hands of a player who will make the most use of it.

Also to note - for those on probation for not meeting level cap they will be immediately back to full status when cap is reached assuming their position has not been filled in the interim.

Probation penalties:

1) No DKP bonuses - this means no on-time, full stay, new zone clear, boss bonus, etc. You WILL earn your 1 DKP per hour raid, but thats it - this is to insure no-one will abuse the system and take a month off to build up DKP.

2) Last looting rights on no-trade items - everyone else on raid (that can use item) will have priority to bidding before a person on probation may bid.

3) Tradeable bidding - Masters and other tradeables will be put in guild bank, and when player is not on probation they will be allowed to bid on item(s).

4) Any players on probation will not have priority in raid slots - if there is 25 on, and one is on probation that player will sit. Remember though - the raid attendance will need to be there, so you would need to stay on standby.

Medical and other family reasons will need to be brought up to an officer as soon as you can, we will not punish you for uncontrollable situations.

Probation will last up to one month.

If at the end of one months time the reason for the player to be on probation has not yet resolved itself, there will be a meeting with that player and the officers. If it is determined the situation cannot be resolved the players raid status may be revoked permanently.

Author:  Amarais [ Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Probation

you should revise the policy you can still go on probation for medical issues having surgey etc

Author:  Arieva [ Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Probation

If you provide specifics regarding date of absence due to medical issues its still a valid reason to be excused from raiding. However you need to communicate that specifically to an officer and make arrangements if it is the cause of you falling below 50%. If you had some followup surgery in February Ama I was not made aware. RL busy-ness or homework pileup was all that was posted in February and is clearly not medical in nature...even tho I'm sure it was medical homework! :)

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