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Attendance Policy

Post by Arieva » Wed May 06, 2015 12:18 pm

Attendance requirements and Raider Ranks

Core Raider is the rank at which you were recruited for this guild. This is our equivalent of a full-time raider. In order to qualify for this rank you may miss up to 2 raids a month (outside of vacation days or other excused absense). Core raider ranks are at the top of the loot priority food chain. When an item goes up Core raiders have full bidding power to get that item first.

Support Raider is a secondary rank of raider created in Black Sheep to reflect the nature of our guild. We're busy working adults and everyone can have a "bad month" or be unable to make our 3 raid a week schedule. This rank is for anyone who in the previous month missed 2 raids or more. Because you were unable to make the higher number of raids you are now part of our second tier raid force. You may raid as needed when you are available (those of an identical class at Core raider may have preference over you for a raid spot should there not be enough space in raid) but you will have bidding restrictions that Core raiders do not. Currently that restriction is a 15 dkp cap on all bids from a support raider. The determination of both Core raider and Support raider ranks are determined month to month. So as a support raider if you show up and are available on all but 2 raids a month, you will have earned your way back to Core raider the following month.

Friends and Family is a rank to cover non raiders. This rank we created for our buds we've made over the course of the game that unfortunately can no longer contribute in a regular fashion to the primary focus of the guild, raiding. Friends and family, if raiding occasionally can earn some dkp but only spend it while present *on* a raid and are restricted from bidding above 10 dkp. They have no rights or expectations to a spot until they are re-integrated into the raid force as support or core raiders. Often times previous core/support raiders in good standing end up on this rank. Please understand that if you are set at this rank, all dkp previously earned is reset. We all need a break sometimes and when that would happen previously we would drop raiders from guild. This rank is a solution that allows us to keep in touch with those we are still on good terms with but the choice to stop raiding still has the same consequences as a guild disband. Anyone on Friends and Family rank interesting in being a part of the raid force again should inquire about availability and class needs to Arieva.

How is Attendance Calculated?

You are counted as having attended any given nights raid if you miss no more than an hour of raid. Raid nights are either 2 or 3 hours. In order to make sure you are counted, if logging in late or needing to go early..make sure you convey to the attendance officer that you have just logged in, are about to log out, etc. While we use ACT login info to track specific attendance times if you left your character logged in for some reason this tracking method fails. Also keep in mind anyone late or leaving early will take huge dkp penalties to discourage such habits in general. Also late loggers are only able to actively participate in the bidding process if they are online within the first hour of raid, or are brought in and part of the 24 man raid for a given loot drop

Where do recruits fit in?

For the purposes of loot priority, anyone at recruit status in Black Sheep will fall below both Core and Support raiders. Do not let this discourage you from bidding one on items you need however! Items not needed by other member will be given to recruits in the hopes that item will be a longterm benefit to the guild.

Excused Absences

Under the Black Sheep attendance policy we allow for certain "excused" absences that might otherwise jeopardize your rank of Core raider. Each month you are allowed one excused absence from your total attendance count for certain RL events. Valid excuses for missing raid include but are not limited to: Birthdays, Wedding, Child play/recital or other special events. Invalid reasons for excused absence include work (its assumed that your work schedule needs to fit well with our schedule in the first place). Prior notice either in private, via an in game mail or forum message to Arieva, or AFK post on our open forum will allow the date provided to be excused assuming the reason provided is deemed valid. Obviously a complete list of valid reasons is impossible to compile so it is at my (Arieva) discretion as to whether or not yours is! Let me emphasize, I HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING WRITTEN FOR RECORD! I'm blonde, I don't rely on my memory and neither can any of you!

Vacations often last more than one raid night and are one example of when more than 1 raid may be excused. It is assumed that the average person takes one or two vacation a year and for Black Sheep that is an acceptable reason to miss raid. Therefore vacation may be excused under the caveat that it is a rare event. If you're island hopping every 3 months, sorry but they can't all be excused!

Medical emergency or other RL situation beyond your control is something that sometimes can't be avoided and we don't believe in penalizing for it. Communication here is key. If we know what's happening in a bad situation we will do our best to work with you as far as membership and attendance goes. However realize that while RL always takes precedence to a game, the game keeps going and certain requirements have to be met. At some point should a RL situation or medical emergency take you away from the game, we'll need for the good of the guild to find a replacement raider. This isn't because we don't empathize or care about your RL situation, but the game must go on so to speak. These type of absences are handled on a case by case basis by the guild leader and raid ranks are determined by the nature of the absence, level of communication, and expected return time to well as current guild roster needs.

Guest Raiders

Guest raiders who do not desire to sport the Black Sheep tag is something that we have set up and used in the past. This is allowable but not often utilized in Black Sheep. It depends on the current needs of our raid force, and main raiders that have chosen to tag as Black Sheep generally have priority. However it may be necessary to make room for a given class for any given encounter. Therefore we desire to give incentive to those raiders interested in contributing to our raids in this way. A guest raider must attend 2 raids before they are officially treated under the Black Sheep guest raider policy. At this point a guest raider will have 10 honorary dkp at all times while present in our raid. An item won for 10 dkp or less is within the guest raiders reach. They are unable to bid when they are not physically present in the 24 man raid configuration. Also dkp is never added or subtracted to these players as it would increase the paperwork required to our guild.

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