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Loot Policy

Post by Arieva » Wed May 06, 2015 12:28 pm

Why do we use a point system for loot distribution?

I personally like point systems because they reward players based on their effort. The more you put in, the more you will get out. If you can’t raid as much as others, that’s ok. It will just take you longer to get the gear that you want.

So how does the system work?

You earn points for doing certain things for and with the guild (we’ll go over details on how to earn points a little later). Think of these points as currency which you can spend on gear to upgrade your character. The more you participate, the more “currency” you will earn, and the more items you will be able to “buy”. How do you buy items with your points? The best way to explain how it works is to provide an example:

Black Sheep has just conquered uber_mob_01, and among his treasure horde we find [an_item_you_want!] The raid leader says, “Please start the bidding for [an_item_you_want!]” at which time you are free to bid anywhere from 1 point to all the points you currently have. You check your points, and find that you have 55 currently. We have adopted a silent bidding system to expedite the process of assigning loot so your point bid is sent in tell to the person designated. Non-restricted items go to the highest point bid, for the next highest bid +1.

After a few seconds of silence, the loot auctioneer says, “going once” … “going twice” … “grats on [an_item_you_want!] for 10 points!” The item goes into your inventory, the raid leader reduces your points from 55 to 45, and the raid continues on to uber_mob_02.

NOTE: Support raiders have a low 15 dkp limit bid cap! Guest raiders (Friends and family qualify as guest raiders) have a 10 dkp limit bidding cap! Be aware if you are a member of these ranks and DO NOT bid more than 10-15 dkp if you are for any item! If you are a recruit then raid ranked raiders have priority over loot, you can however bid competatively against other recruits without limit.

Other Specifics about when and who can bid:

Starting in Chaos Descending we are going to set some boundaries on who can bid for which stat set
on loot as a priority. This is to hopefully help more people take meaningful items for their class as well as better distribute the loot when trying to gear up initially into an expansion cycle. Currently the only restricted stat set is Mitigation items which go to tank first.

When an item drops you may bid if you are sitting out if and only if you were on within the first hour of raid! Anyone inside the raid that contributed to the kill of a loot dropping mob has the right to bid even if they were past an hour late, because they were brought in and an integral part of the mob going down.

Finally, the management reserves the right to set "role priorities" on certain exceptional pieces based on the raids needs for a given expansion. An example of this would be a piece deemed most powerful to the raid on a high DPS. In such cases the guild leadership will set "Priority to DPS" on that item which would then be restricted to bids from a maintained list of exceptional parsing players (this could include tanks, healers, even utility should they really shine on the raidwide parse). Don't expect that all classes or players are able to make this list, its a factor of your class as well as your skill as a player. Parses will be analyzed for longer, more progression oriented fights in order to populate this list and will be re-examined monthly. Short "ascension burns" will not determine placement on said list. Priority could also be given to healers during an especially heal heavy raiding cycle. This additional loot mechanic is intended to insure the raids success and speedy progression through zones as well as the expansion as a whole. Any item considered exceptional enough to be set as a priority to specific roles in the raidforce will have a 100 dkp minimum bid and if no raiders are willing to pay that the priority will be dropped on said item. Role based priorities on loot will not occur till after the initial gearing period in any given expansion. This time period is expected to be 2-3 months after an expansion content launch

How do I earn points?

The main way that you earn points is by attending “sanctioned” raids. A raid is sanctioned if all of the following apply:
  1. The raid is led by the guild leader ,an officer or other designated member of the guild.
  2. The raid lasts at least 2 hours.
  3. 12 or more people are present.
  4. The target(s) is/are at least Epic x 2 mobs.
Sanctioned raids are for guild members only with few exceptions based on the raid leaders discretion. Pick up raids involving multiple guilds are not sanctioned, and whether or not points will be awarded for such a raid is at the discretion of the guild leader or officer leading the raid. Keep in mind that while you may be able to earn points at a non-sanctioned raid, you will not be able to spend points at such raids. Loot distribution on non-sanctioned raids is typically handled on a “need-before-greed” basis with a “/random 1000” used if multiple people need the item.

Specifics about points
  1. If you show up at the designated meeting spot on time and ready to raid (i.e. gear repaired to 100%, all the necessary tools for the particular raid, field repair kit handy, etc), you will be awarded 1 bonus point.
  2. For every hour that you raid, you will receive 1 point.
  3. If you are present for the entire raid, you will receive 5 bonus points.
So, for example, the raid is scheduled for 6:30 and we are meeting at the Sinking Sands docks. You show up in SS at 6:15 ready to roll. You just earned a point. You travel with your teammates for the next four hours leaving a trail of destruction in your path. At 9:30 the raid leader informs everyone that we are done raiding for the night. Three hours of raiding nets you 3 more points.

Because you stayed for the entire raid, you keep the bonus point for showing up on time, and you earned yourself another 5 bonus points. If you are late to raid for any reason you forfeit all bonus dkp. Be aware! The one exception is first kill bonus because often these are multi-night endeavors that all main raiders participated in.

Note: points earned for the current raid are not added to your total until the raid is over, and cannot be spent on loot dropped during the current raid. When you spend points, they are immediately deducted from your total)

How else can I earn points?

The guild leader and the officers may decide to award points for activities (other than raiding) that help the guild. As a hypothetical example, we may decide to award 1 point for every 8 writs a member does for a month. The main thing to remember is that points are a reward for participating in activities that help the guild to progress. The primary way to earn points will always be attending sanctioned raids, but from time to time the leader and/or officers may award points for other things as an incentive for the members.

Current examples of other places to earn DKP in Black Sheep are:
  1. Bonus dkp for special raid participation including but not limited to taking down a new progression mob.
  2. Donating needed masters to guildmates. Currently if a main member of our guild needs a master you possess and you pass it either directly to them if they are the only one of that archtype needing, or to our guild banker to allow more than one person of that class to rolloff on it, you recieve a 10 dkp bonus. Ancients donated to a needed main will earn 50 dkp bonus due to current rarity in game (current tier only!).
  3. Bonus dkp is awarded for top raid attenders on a month to month basis. If you make every raid in a given month you'll see a nice little dkp bonus at months end.

Where can I look to see how many points I have?

Your points will be listed in-game in the guild window.

What if I show up and the raid is full?

One problem we will run into on occasion is having more people show up for a raid than we can take along. If thirty people show up and we can only take twenty-four on the raid, some people are going to have to sit out. So how do we handle this?

Those that show up at the designated meeting spot first will have first dibs. There is however a caveat… The raid leader has to take the necessary classes along to get the job done. So if for example, we have twelve healers that all show up at the same time, some of those healers may have to sit out so that we can have enough dps to beat the encounter.

If you are asked to sit out of a raid, you can still earn points and bid on needed loot, provided you are “on call” as a back up if someone in the raid has to leave early for some reason. If you are outside the raid and want to bid you are expected to PAY ATTENTION to the drops as they happen. We'll link items in guild chat once and only once for consideration by folks sitting out. If for some reason links don't happen please shout out in vent that you need links! Please don't ask for additional links three minutes after the links went out initially..its very annoying!

-ALTS AND RAID LOOT- (added 2/16/09)

Every member is allowed 1 "main" character and may have as many "alts" as he or she desires. Our primary objective and responsibility as a team is to get loot into the hands of mains, however, we have found it very useful in the past to have well-geared alts available to fill crucial roles when no main is available to do so. For that reason, we have a program in place designed to get raid loot into the hands of the alts that we frequently call upon to fill in any gaps in our main raid force. Now for the details:
  1. The raid leader may call on an alt to join a raid if he / she believes it is necessary to beat the encounter we are facing.
  2. When an alt is brought in, that alt will receive 1 point. These points are not the same as DKP.
  3. When a piece of loot drops that no main (Core,Support Raider, or Recruit) needs, the following happens: The loot officer will ask if any alts are interested. If an alt does want the item, the loot officer will look to see if that alt has any points. If so, that alt will receive the piece of loot and be deducted 1 point. If multiple alts want the same piece of loot, the alt with the higher point total will be awarded the item, unless all parties involved agree to just rolloff, and be deducted 1 point. If the alt(s) that are interested in the item have 0 points, they will be given the option to purchase the item for plat. The base price of the item will be set by the raid leader. If no alt wants to buy the item, it will be sold in the auction channels or broken down to craft components for guild use. Black Sheep does have monthly payouts based on monthly sales (and your number of attended raids). Note that all members are on equal foot regarding plat bids (core, support, recruit).

    Final thoughts about raids and loot

    Let me first say that I expect all members to be mature and understanding in regards to raids and loot. Things are not always going to work out exactly the way you want them to. There will be times when you get outbid on an item you really want. There will be times when you have to sit out on a raid you really wanted to attend. There will be times when the guild leader or an officer makes a decision that you don’t agree with. There will be times when we wipe to an encounter… over, and over, and over again. When these things happen, I ask that you do the following:
    1. Take a deep breath and loosen your sphincter! :)
    2. Voice any concerns you have to the raid leader / guild leader. Do it in tells, not in guild chat / raid chat/vent. Do it in a calm and rational manner. Do it with an open mind and try to put yourself in the leader’s shoes. Listen to what the leader has to say, and accept the decision that is made, even if it’s not the solution you were hoping for.
    3. Always keep the big picture in mind. Being a successful guild requires a team effort. It’s not about any one individual; it’s about all of us working together as a unit. Remember that an upgrade for one of us is an upgrade for all of us since it helps to make the team stronger. Don’t focus only on yourself; focus on the guild as a whole.
    4. Be patient. Remember that nothing good comes easy. As cliche as this may be, it’s true: “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” Don’t whine and cry when we get beat down by a raid encounter. Instead, remain positive and try to help think of new strategies that will help us to pull off a win.
    5. We all play the game as a way to relax and have some fun. It’s fun to conquer difficult monsters. It’s fun to explore new areas. It’s fun to get that uber loot. It’s fun to do all of these things with cool people that you consider friends. So always remember to keep a positive attitude and have fun!

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