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Basic Expectations

Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 12:31 pm
by Arieva
(Last updated 10/20/11)

The following policies are in place so that everyone is on the same page and clear about what it means to be a member of Black Sheep.

  1. Ventrilo - We use Ventrilo for fast, effective communication. All members are required to have and use this program. A working mic is required anda certain minimal communication over vent using that microphone will be required during regular raiding. I don't expect everyone to be overly verbose over Ventrillo but with increasing complex scripting in Eq2 raid encounters, its a must. No exceptions will be made, short of a reasonable alotted time to replace a non-functioning mic.
  2. ACT - We use ACT for more than just parsing dps or heals. You must have a working version installed to be considered for Black Sheep membership. If you are unfamiliar with the basics of using ACT we can walk you through it but for a starting point you must have it installed and properly reading your character log files before joining. We also have a Raid Hub Server that should you prefer, you can rely on for fast and easy trigger/timer tracking. Officially, Raid hub is what the management focuses on for trigger/timers so if you prefer using ACT you are responsible for getting your own trigger timers and verifying they are functioning properly. Have both and have them up to date so should one fail, you can fall back on the other!
  3. AWOL - If your character has not been played during a raid in 14 days, and you have not contacted the leader and/or an officer, your character may be removed from the roster/demoted. If / when you begin playing again, you may contact guild leadership and request to be reinstated. At that time, leadership will look into your situation. If you are allowed back into the guild, your DKP will be most likely be reset to 0, but this will be handled on a case by case basis.
  4. Lockout timers - You are expected to keep all current tier lockout timers open for Black Sheep raids unless the management has specifically released certain zones from the rotation. If you want to attend a pick up raid outside released zones, ask me first. If it’s not a target we’ll be hitting in the next few days, I’ll say, “go for it”. I may even join you. If you can’t get in touch with me or an officer however, then don’t go. Better safe than sorry. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a loss of DKP.
  5. Main Characters - You are expected to bring your main character to raids. If you want to bring an alt, you must clear it with the raid leader first (and yes, there will be times when bringing an alt is the better option for the raid). We have spent a lot of time and effort to gear up our mains to make them more powerful. It’s important that we use these characters to benefit the team whenever possible. If you want to switch your main character, you need to talk to me first. If it’s deemed a good move for the team, it won’t be a problem, but it may be that the team is better served by you playing your current main. When you were recruited, you were recruited to fill a certain role. Unless the needs of the guild change, you must stay in that role.
  6. Your purpose in this guild - To raid! We're a raiding guild. When our raid time rolls around you are expected to be there if you are online anywhere in Norrath. That means if we see you on an alt, no matter if its not within our guild or even not on our server, you're breaking a policy of the guild and this is grounds for removal. The only exception of course is if you are sitting, and you inform the raid leader of where you can be reached should you need to be called in. If you are online during our raid times you are "on call" so to speak. Any deviation from this absolutely has be cleared with the guild leader, we've made certain exceptions but never when folks do it behind our backs!

Raiding 101

The following are some general raiding guidelines that are to be followed on every raid:
  1. Pay attention - It only takes one person not paying attention to wipe the entire raid.
  2. No "chit-chat" in raid chat - The raid chat channel is reserved for important information related to the raid. Especially during named encounters, in Ventrillo, its expected chit chat be kept to a bare minimum and only be encounter related. There is nothing more distracting than someone telling a non-related story during a pull where everyone's attention should be on the encounter and trigger/timer calls. A number of folks have hearing impairments that make many voices at once nearly unbearable, keep this in mind.
  3. One person leads the raid - If you are not the raid leader, do NOT give instructions in raid chat/vent. The raid force needs to hear one (and only one) person giving orders to avoid any confusion. If you have something important that needs to be said in raid chat, send a tell to the raid leader and ask them to relay it.
  4. Know when to wait for assist calls- When directed by the raid leader, do NOT start attacking any mob until the MT or assist has called out for dps to begin . This gives the MT time to build agro, and can be vital to keeping the mob positioned properly. If the raid leader does not designate to the raid, wait for an assist call, a good rule of thumb is wait until the mob is fully positioned (ie its stopped moving!) and you may begin dps on the assist persons target after 5 seconds.
  5. Never pass the MT - When instructed to move forward, stay a few paces behind the MT. Running too far ahead is a sure way to get everyone killed.
  6. Use an assist macro - All classes especially dps classes, do NOT target mobs by targeting the MT or any other player directly. This is termed hard targeting in Eq2 and does not allow classes that must hard target you to rebuff or throw temporaries to damage the attackable creature while doing so. This hurts the entire raids dps when 5-6 ppl are targeting the assist directly. Also the tanks may have to switch targets unexpectedly and an assist macro allows for dps to be concentrated and efficient. As soon as you see the assist call, hit that "/assist (insert name of assist player here)" macro and start killing. Do NOT switch targets until you see/hear the assist call go out or the target is dead. If a main assist hasn't been designated yet, don't be afraid to ask as the MA changes constantly from encounter to encounter. If you are caught consistantly ignoring this policy a dkp penalty will result!
  7. Don't waste time - Don't make the raid wait on you for something that can be handled later. Don't take long AFKs while we are in the middle of a raid, and NEVER go AFK without first telling the raid leader. Get to raid destinations as quickly and safely as possible.