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Recruit Process

Post by Arieva » Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:07 am

There has been some question by incoming recruits about the basics on what they can and can't do as recruits. I thought I'd run it down quick here:

Recruits earn dkp and have the same bidding rights as Support Raid members (these raiders bid after Core raiders). This means earn dkp at the same rate as the rest of don't be shy to speak up if something drops you need. Often times items recruits need would just be sold to the channel, we'd rather have it in your hands than that generally. If you're new to the bidding process you can read about it on, but its pretty basic. Use guild chat to put in bids if you can use something that drops. Core raider bids will be asked for bids first, followed by Support raiders. Generally bids start at 1 for those interested but you can bid as much as you have. In the case of tie bids we have a rolloff. Your available points can be found in the guild window next to your name. Only those points can be spent, even if you are due more points from a previous raid. We keep the points fairly up to date but sometimes are a raid or two behind. Don't stress too much tho, because everyone else is missing the same points as you so it generally works out.

Generally we don't allow recruits to bring alts into the guild until they are made full members. There have been exceptions to this in the past as other toons were needed for raiding purposes, but generally its encouraged to wait till you make full member.

The recruit process generally lasts 2-3 weeks. There is no hard and fast time period tho so don't stress if you still haven’t made full member. If there is something preventing you from making full member the officers will let you know. If you are concerned about the length of your recruit period don't be shy to bring it up with myself (arieva) or another officer.

If I can think of any more items regarding recruits I'll update this post, but I wanted to put it up with some of the most frequently asked questions I get from recruits.


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