Outdated post. Leaving here in case we go back to it.


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Outdated post. Leaving here in case we go back to it.

Post by Arieva » Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:36 pm

For right now the challenge system is replaced by restrictions to bidding within certain stat sets. See loot policy for details.

The officers and I have come up with a system that we feel is simple, fair, and accomplishes what we want it to accomplish. Read through this entire post carefully so that you have a good understanding of how it works.

Ok, let's use the following example: A ring drops. The stats are as follows: +200 STA, +300 HP, +50 defense, + 10 shield block chance, Useable by: Guardian / Berserker / Paladin / Shadow Knight / Ranger.

Now, I look at that item and in my mind it should NEVER go to a Ranger over a tank. The ring offers a significant increase in capabilities for a tank, but would actually hurt the capabilities of a Ranger. A Ranger's job in a raid is to deal dmg, not to absorb it. By putting this ring on in place of a ring that adds to dmg, the Ranger is hurting their ability to fulfill their role. If a Ranger gets this item, we as a raid force lose twice. Our tanks don't get the boost to their abilities, and the Ranger decreases their ability to do DPS. Therein lies the problem with our current system. Currently the Ranger would be allowed to bid on such an item, and many in the guild (myself and the officers included) think that this is not good for the team. So, here's how the new system will work on such items:

Scenario A: The ring drops. Plate fighters bid. All is good and happy in Black Sheep land.

Scenario B: The ring drops. Plate fighters bid. Hoark bids. You scratch your head and think, "WTF!?". You send a tell to the designated "Challenge Master", usually the raid leader, with the following words: "Challenge: plate only" The challenge master is flooded with the same message from 22 other people (he doesn't get a tell from Hoark nor himself). The Challenge Master says, "There's been a challenge on the bid. The majority feel it should go to a plate class. Hoark, you are out of luck."

Now for the details of the system:

1) If a "Scenario B" situation arises and the bid on said item is up to 5dkp or more, and you feel an item should have a restriction placed on it, you send a tell to the Challenge Master (raid leader) consisting of three words: "Challenge: (archetype, or class, or armor-type) only" You do NOT say anything over vent initially. If you desire to publicly explain reasoning for your challenge over ventrillo then ask permission to do so from the raid leader and if he/she grants you permission to do so, handle yourself in vent calmly and without emotion as you do it. If an opposing member also wants to point out why the challenge should be voted down, they may be given the opportunity to do so as well. Again ask the raid leader before bringing anything up in voice.

Examples: Challenge: fighter only | Challenge: guardian only | Challenge: leather only

2) Raid leader will tell the raid, "send me a "yes" tell if you agree with this challenge. Send me a "no" tell if you do not support this challenge. Whichever receives the most tells will determine the fate of the challenge. If the yes and no's equal we will uphold the challenge as if the "yes" folks were in majority.

3) Restricted items may have a minimum bid attached as decided by the leader / officers present (This would be used to prevent someone getting the item for free when multiple people obviously want it).

That's it. I don't expect us to have to use this system very often. 95% of the time when such items drop, we see "Scenario A" play out. However, we feel it is important to have some sort of system in place for those odd times when we see "Scenario B". If the majority of the raid force feels an item ought to be restricted, we now have a system in place to do just that.

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