Standard Macro's to be used in raid: REQUIRED


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Standard Macro's to be used in raid: REQUIRED

Post by Arieva » Mon Aug 16, 2010 12:02 am

We've determined we need to standardize a number of our raidwide buffs to combat buff overwriting and to increase over guild dps. If you are of a class that is casting these raidwide items it is REQUIRED that you have your raidwide macro conform to exactly as it is shown here going to raidsay. I've kept them super simple so folks coming in can get them setup quickly.

You are also required to create a trigger to alert you via ACT of when these buffs are going off, or use raidhub to keep track. Please time yours with others of your class that may be present so we are not wasting buffs! It is also encouraged that you setup timers to match these triggers (go into act and create a spell timer named whatever you choose with the duration, unmodifiable, of your ability such as PoTM and then when you create a trigger check the trigger timer box and be sure the name of the timer you created is typed exactly as it appears in the box to the left of that checkbox). You can then watch these timers and see when that ability is currently active , thus allowing you to know when it is safe to cast your own ability and not overwrite someone elses.


Raidwide POTM ON

Raidwide COB ON

Channeled Focus:

Raidwide Channeled Focus ON

With raidhub we are looking to expand the use of macro'd items going to /gsay and /r so that more temporary buffs will trigger. Dia has very graciously taken the time to make some kickass regex's in raidhubs general triggers section to cover Rythmic Overture and VC, Time warp, and Combat Mastery. Currently these triggers require the name of the spell to be first on your macro either spelled out or abreviated as RO VC.

Also remember these can be turned off in raid hub should you prefer. Open Edit: Spell triggers and make sure general general is selected for zone and mob. Uncheck the ENABLE column to turn the trigger off locally and press tab a few times, scroll down to the bottom of the window and hit save. I suggest very strongly tho that we learn to use the RO trigger and buff the bards when told to. That means hitting anything that increases their potency, Crit bonus, reuse, casting speed.

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