Raid Alt Loot Policy


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Raid Alt Loot Policy

Post by Arieva » Wed Aug 20, 2008 2:50 pm

Alts that are brought in for raiding receive raid alt points: 1 pt per raid they are brought in for. Those alts and those alone are allowed to claim loot, at a cost of 1 raid alt dkp point per piece of gear after mains. Raid alts with higher RA pts may claim the piece if more than one raid alt is interested, unless that person agrees to simply rolloff on the piece. Everything else will be sold for plat or muted.

Since raid alts must be brought in to a raid before they receive any points, its expected they be reasonably raid ready in spell quality and aa's and gear. There's no hard and fast amount, but they need to cut it for the role for which they were brought in.

Added 12/11:
There was recently an incident which while it was perfectly permissible under the current RA program, led us to want to further refine bidding precedure for RA's.

RA's have precedence over plat bids in regard to loot. Generally those RA's that have the higher number of points will get a piece of loot before those with less points unless the parties agree to a rolloff. It is expected and required that if you want to spend a RA point for a piece of gear you make that known before you bid plat. Herein is where our policy is being further refined. If you want a piece of loot for a raid alt please DO NOT wait till plat bids, even within guild get going hot and heavy. If you bid plat on an item drop you relinquish your claim to that item using a raid alt point. This accomplishes a number of things including keeping the bidding process shorter.

Finally note that RA points will be reset at expansion intervals or when it is determined those alts may no longer be viable raid assets

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